On the back of expanding to the US market, Magiboards is set to bring new services to the Expo

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"You may be at the start of your lean journey, or you may be introducing new methodologies." That's the opening words that you'll find in the latest Magiboards’ brochure for lean visual management in a manufacturing environment, and for the past 53 years, and even for their presence at the Expo, it's been the driving force behind the company.

The ISO Certified 9001 and 14001 standard company has been a manufacturer of whiteboards since 1966 when they first introduced them to the country, and now, more than half a century later, the chances are you've seen one of their products, whether it's in the education, manufacturing, office, construction, or health sector.

Sitting down with directors Erwin and Angela Van Der Stap, and Tom Hodgetts from the design and marketing team, we spoke about the recent growth the company has found, its plans for expansion in what it offers as a service and what the company plans to bring to the summer Expo this year.

An important first step was that even though the company quite rightly places itself as the founders of bringing the whiteboard to the UK, they don't consider themselves, in 2020, to be the main manufacturers of them.

With your run-of-the-mill whiteboards available for purchase from the Far East, the company has found its footing in the world of specialised boards. From custom sizes and print, to specialised mobile boards for a purpose, such as Huddle and Meeting Centers, the company is striding forward with one of its main focusses to support a LEAN process in the workplace. 

Speaking to the company about the implementation of LEAN processes into manufacturing, I was told by the directors how "LEAN manufacturing is a big area where we have seen growth. Our strength as a company is high-quality dye-sublimation custom printed magnetic whiteboards that are supported with a range of relevant accessories such as the SCRUM Kits, Magnetic Paper holder Windows, custom printed Memo Magnets, to name just a few."

At the Ricoh Arena this year the company will be showcasing a number of their latest lean products - which you can view in their latest brochure today, by downloading a PDF copy here - but among the wide range of products, they'll be showcasing the recently announced Magiboards Gold Membership scheme.

Acting as a badge and symbol of the relationship between the company and its clients, this new scheme offers members a range of benefits, including:

● 5% Discount on all repeat orders.

● Free artwork generation on all printed boards.

● 10% discount on all replacement Fully Printed Whiteboard Sheets.

● 5% off Lean accessories.

● Free delivery to a UK B2b address.

The company's presence at the Made in the Midlands Expo and launch of their new Magiboards Gold Membership builds on a year of growth. The company has recently launched a joint venture with DDS Inc, an established manufacturer of Custom Printed Whiteboards in the US.

The US expansion, which is based in Broomall, Pennsylvania and services the whole of North and Central America has allowed Magiboards to better serve multinational clients who wish to implement uniform Visual Management Solutions in their Lean processes worldwide, without the long lead times, inventory and logistics complications involved in sending finished Whiteboards products from the UK.

Speaking about the new expansion, Magiboards USA CEO, Adam Creed, said, "We're excited about the new opportunity to build on the success of both DDS and Magiboards UK in the USA. The US market, while different in some aspects, has many similarities to the UK market and benefits from scale. The new and high-quality products of Magiboards will be very well received in the US."

This news was something that is shared by Erwin van der Stap, MD of Magiboards Ltd, who echoed Adam's thoughts by saying, "The US market is a huge opportunity for both companies. Some exceptions apart, we have so far had to turn down some US enquiries, mainly for logistical reasons." 

"We started working with DDS as a distributor for Magiboards in 2018, and it was quickly concluded that to properly develop the market, we would have to manufacture locally. DDS has that capability and we have the range and the marketing tools. This is a logical marriage for us both."

In the build-up, to the event, you can read more about their services over on their Made in the Midlands microsite here. If you would like to contact the team, you can reach out to them via email ([email protected]) or telephone (01952 292111).

You'll be able to visit Magiboards at stand [XX], and you can register for free tickets here.